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Notification upon arrest - update

[25 October 2016] Since 1967 a re-occurring criticism of the Israeli military's conduct in the West Bank focused on the manner in which children were being arrested in pre-planned raids on their homes. A typical raid would commence at 2 A.M. with banging at the front door accompanied by shouts of "open up". The front door would be blown open with an explosive device if the order was not complied with promptly. At gunpoint family members would be gathered together while their ID cards were crosschecked against a pre-prepared list.

Briefing Note - October 2016
[October 2016] - This Briefing Note reviews developments in the Israeli military detention system for children and covers the period up to October 2016.
Pilot programme to limit night arrests - update
[22 September 2016] - Following widespread criticism of the use of night raids to arrest children in the West Bank, the military authorities announced in February 2014, the introduction of a pilot programme.
Restraints and blindfolds - Update
[29 August 2016] - Following numerous complaints and legal action concerning pain and injury caused by the use of single plastic hand ties by the Israeli military on detainees, including children.