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Israeli soldiers break the silence on abuse

[The Australian: 25 August 2012] - Testimonies by 30 former Israeli soldiers and commander portrayed a culture of violence and abuse in the Israeli Defence Forces towards Palestinian children, according to a report released yesterday.

Exposing Israeli teens to IDF child abuse

[YNET News: 25 August 2012] - Series of testimonies provided by IDF troops shed light on army’s abusive behavior towards Palestinian kids in new report; group aims to prepare next generation of soldiers for harsh reality.

UK slams Israel with stiff upper lip: Not all Palestinian kids are potential terrorists

[Haaretz: 9 July 2012] - “A Palestinian child is a potential terrorist,” and IDF prosecutor candidly told a delegation of nine visiting British lawyers. The attorneys, who visited Israel for a week in September 2011, reviewed and analyzed Israeli law and practice.

Where's the shame?

[Daily Beast: 6 July 2012] - The video captured last week in Hebron by a participant in Btselem’s Camera Project, opens with an Israeli border policeman ambushing a nine year-old Palestinian boy.

Arrest of Palestinian children - 'A boy in leg irons' - is becoming a big story in the UK

[Mondoweiss: 29 June 2012] - When I first read Joseph Dana’s article of last year, ‘Israeli army targets and arrests children in order to repress Palestinian dissent in the West Bank,’ it sent chills up my spine.

Report by British jurists reminds of the horrors of Israeli child detention

[+972 Magazine: 29 June 2012] - The report which specifies at least six violations of the UN convention on children’s rights. Spotlights the horrors Israelis have grown accustomed to. A report by a group of distinguished British jurists ...

Baroness Scotland interview on the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military courts

[BBC: 28 June 2012] - An interview with Baroness Scotland on the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military courts and the findings of a recent report by nine legal experts from the UK funded by the FCO.

Israel sees Palestinian children as 'potential terrorists', panel finds

[The Sydney Morning Herald: 28 June 2012] - Israel’s practice of holding Palestinian children in solitary confinement and its use of physical violence and coerced confessions in interrogations is again in the spotlight.

Israel 'breaching UN convention on children's rights'

[BBC: 27 June 2012] - A UK government-backed report has accused Israel’s security forces of regularly breaching the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). A delegation of senior lawyers visited Israel and West Bank.

Nothing resonates like the mistreatment of minors

[The Independent: 27 June 2012] - The charge that Israel violates international law in its treatment of Palestinian prisoners in general and child prisoners in particular is hardly new. What make this critique so devastating ...

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