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Adalah, PHR-Israel and Al Mezan – False Confessions by Palestinian Children and Adolescents under Coercion (November 2011)

This report considers the methods of detention and interrogation used on minors and the damage they cause to the mental and physical wellbeing of the child. Although each and every one of the detention and interrogation procedures mentioned can, by itself, be considered cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, the cumulative impact of these conditions, or even part of them, can constitute torture.

CAABU / MAP – Britain and Palestine: A parliamentary focus (Autumn 2011)

This report notes that since 2000, more than 7,000 children have been detained in Israeli jails. Children are often arrested in early-morning raids, during which time they are hooded, shackled and regularly subjected to abuse. Interrogations are not recorded and generally take place without the presence of a lawyer or a parent. These actions violate the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

B’Tselem – No Minor Matter: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors Arrested by Israel on Suspicion of Stone Throwing (July 2011)

This report reviews how children accused of throwing stones are treated following the establishment of a military juvenile court in 2009. The report reviewed 835 cases of children accused of throwing stones between 2005 and 2010. The report found that the punishment imposed on minors aged 14 to 17 and the figures provided to B’Tselem by the military do not indicate any meaningful change from the establishment of the Youth Military Court.

Breaking the Silence – Children and Youth: Soldiers’ Testimonies (2005-2011)

This report contains 47 testimonies from soldiers who have served in the West Bank and Gaza Strip relating to the treatment of children. In one testimony a former soldier describes the purpose behind the frequent incursions by the Israeli army into Palestinian villages is to create “friction … just to grind the population” making their lives “more and more miserable” in order to discourage stone throwing and resistance.

No Legal Frontiers – All Guilty! Observations in the Military Juvenile Court (2011)

This reports presents findings from military court observations between 2010 and 2011. The report found that only about 6% of minors were released on bail whereas the rest were detained until the end of the proceedings against them. The vast majority of files were based on the defendants’ confessions, given during police interrogations, and on incrimination by boys of similar ages given in the same circumstances. 100% of cases ended in conviction.

Who Profits – The case of G4S: Private security companies and the Israeli occupation (2011)

This report considers the involvement of UK/Danish security company G4S in providing security at settlements and equipment to Israeli checkpoints and prisons. Under Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention it is a “grave breach” to transfer and imprison protected persons out of occupied territory. In spite of this provision, 19 out of 20 facilities used by the Israeli Prison Service to imprison Palestinians, including children, are located outside the West Bank.

US State Department – human rights report (April 2011)

This report covers human rights abuses in 2010. Reports indicate that Israeli authorities routinely arrested minors at checkpoints, on the street, at night, and in early morning house raids, and transferred them to one of eight detention facilities for interrogation. In most cases authorities reportedly failed to inform parents where their children would be taken. Reports also indicate that authorities tortured and abused minors to coerce confessions, which were frequently written in Hebrew.

B’Tselem and Hamoked – Kept in the Dark: Treatment of Palestinian Detainees in the Petah Tikva Interrogation Facility of the Israel Security Agency (October 2010)

This report documents the treatment of 121 Palestinian detainees, including 18 children, at the Petah Tikva interrogation centre in Israel. Most of the detainees were arrested from their homes in the middle of the night. On arrival at the facility the detainees were held in windowless cells, sometimes with lights left on 24 hours per day. In 78 percent of cases the detainees were held in solitary confinement.

UN Human Rights Committee – Concluding Observations (July 2010)

In its Concluding Observations of Israel’s periodic report under the Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the Committee recognised Israel’s security concerns whilst stressing the need to observe and guarantee human rights in accordance with the Convention. The Committee expressed concern at allegations of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of child detainees. The Committee recommended that children be given prompt access to a lawyer and all interrogations be audio-visually recorded.

Breaking the Silence – Occupation of the Territories (2000-2010)

This report contains testimonies from former Israeli soldiers describing various aspects of the army’s military activities in the West Bank. On the topic of arrests the report states that: Over the course of the last decade, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been arrested in military operations conducted deep in Palestinian territory nearly every night. Soldiers’ testimonies reveal the methods for carrying out such arrests.

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