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Palestinian boy is free from jail, but not from nightmares

[Haaretz: 9 April 2015] - These days, 16-year-old Hamzeh spends most of his time at home, silent, eyes fixed on the floor. Occasionally he gazes through a window at the street; sometimes he goes to his brother's small store, down the street, to help out.

Israeli soldiers filmed waking Palestinian children in middle of the night for questioning

[The Independent: 28 March 2015] - Footage showing terrified Palestinian children being woken up by armed Israeli soldiers for questioning in the dead of the night has emerged. Boys as young as nine are shown being questioned and photographed.

Israel applies its penal code across the West Bank

[Hareetz: 28 March 2015] - Central Command chief Nitzan Alon signed an order applying Israel's penal code to Palestinians in the West Bank, hours before he left office earlier this week. The new orders significance is mainly declarative.

UN officials accused of bowing to Israeli pressure over children's rights list

[The Guardian - 17 March 2015] - Senior UN officials in Jerusalem have been accused of caving in to Israeli pressure to abandon moves to include the state's armed forces on a UN list of serious violators of children's rights.

Israeli judge: Some Palestinian minors see jail sentence as way of escaping home

[Haaretz: 15 February 2015] - Military courts in the West Bank see several cases a year of Palestinian minors who clash with the army in order to be arrested and escape conditions at home, according to an Israeli judge.

Israel halts program to end night-arrests of children

[Ma'an News - 31 January 2015] - The Israeli military has shut down a program meant to decrease the number of night-time arrest raids targeting children in Palestinian homes after less than a year.

Analysis: ICC inquiry is a game changer for Israel

[Haaretz: 19 January 2015] - From the moment that the UN General Assembly recognized Palestine as a non-member state, it was clear that the current prosecutor would have difficulty not accepting Palestine as a state.

The Prosecutor of the ICC opens a preliminary examination of the situation in Palestine

[ICC: 16 January 2015] - Today the Prosecutor of the ICC, Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, opened a preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine. The Prosecutor's decision follows the Palestine's accession to the Rome Statute on 2 January 2015.

Abbas asks ICC to probe 'Israeli war crimes' since June '14, Palestinian sources say

[Haaretz: 1 January 2015] - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed a declaration Thursday asking the International Criminal Court to investigate suspicions of war crimes committed in Palestine since June 13, said a nongovernmental Palestinian source.

Israeli military drops charges against Palestinian youths

[Haaretz: 10 December 2014] - Military prosecutors have repealed charges against three Palestinian youths accused of throwing oil-filled bottles at buses on the highway, after it turned out they had been threatened by a police officer.

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