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MCW Annual Report - 2016/17

[27 June 2017] - MCW has released a new report that considers developments relating to the arrest and detention of children by the Israeli military in the West Bank in 2016 and 2017.

UK lawyers' report - 5 years on

[June 2017] - This month marks 5 years since a delegation of UK lawyers reviewed the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law and published their findings and recommendations in a report.

Kingdom of Olives and Ash - Writers Confront the Occupation

[June 2017] - Kingdom of Olives and Ash is a groundbreaking collection of essays by celebrated international writers bearing witness to the human cost of fifty years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

50 years of military rule

[5 June 2017] - Two days after the start of the 1967 war, Israeli military forces occupied the West Bank and imposed martial law over the Palestinian population. At the time this measure was legal under the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention which permits the imposition of martial law on a temporary basis.

Legal safeguards and reforms failing to protect minors during interrogation

[31 May 2017] - In a recent decision handed down by the Military Appeals Court on 2 April 2017, the Military Appeals Court identified numerous shortcomings in the manner in which two minors were interrogated in breach of the regulations designed to protect them, including prompt access to a lawyer of their choice and the right to silence.

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