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What on earth is going on in the West Bank - And how are we letting it happen?

[February 2017] - It’s cold. Really bitterly cold. The wind is whipping across the open countryside and the military compound I’m standing in is the first thing which breaks its path. It is the first week of January and I’m in Palestine.

Jerusalem Quarterly: Letter from Ofer

[February 2017] - There is almost nowhere to shelter from the burning July sun as we wait patiently for the security gate to click open at Ofer military court near Jerusalem.

Israeli army continue to flout regulations on child detainees

[29 August 2016] - Following numerous complaints and legal action concerning pain and injury caused by the use of plastic hand ties by the Israeli military on detainees, including children, the Military Advocate General announced new procedures.

Second debate in UK parliament on children in military custody in 2016 (by Gerard Horton)

[24 July 2016] - On the last day before the summer recess, the House of Lords debated “the conditions in which Palestinian children are living and the impact on their health and wellbeing” including treatment in military detention.

The terror of the children (by Mario Vargas Llosa)

[5 July 2016] - In part two of this special report, Nobel literature prizewinner Mario Vargas Llosa describes Israeli defense forces’ system to “prevent terror by sowing panic” among Palestinian children and youths

Military Court Watch - 4 years on less than 3 per cent of recommendations have been implemented (by Gerard Horton)

[30 June 2016] - This month marks four years since a delegation of prominent British lawyers published a report on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law. The Foreign Office funded report – Children in Military Custody ...

Palestine's forgotten children (by Lord Norman Warner)

[3 June 2016] - Next year will mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and the 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Britain has a historic responsibility to challenge the Israeli government’s conduct in the West Bank and Gaza.

Coping with insecurity (by Salwa Duaibis)

[February 2016] - I always look forward with apprehension to accompanying visiting delegations to Ofer military court, where they can witness injustice in “concentrated doses.” The visits are always stark reminders of what life

Whose Security? (by Gerard Horton)

[January 2016] - Representatives of the international community frequently describe a two-state solution as “a secure state of Israel alongside a viable Palestinian state.” This terminology has become so commonplace

Exposing Israel's treatment of Palestinian child detainees (by Chris Doyle)

[6 January 2016] - How any state treats children is surely one of the great litmus tests of its moral standing. Sadly, far too many fail them, leaving lifelong scars. The children of the Middle East are collectively being failed

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