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Most Palestinian minors arrested by Israel claim physical violence during detention

[Haaretz: 2 April 2017] - 60 percent say experienced violence, only 10 percent met with a lawyer. In 2013, a UNICEF report said Israel was systematically abusing young detainees, new data shows little has changed. The indictment against S.H. is vague and lacks specific details, as is customary in indictments filed by the military prosecution – especially in relation to stone throwing. Here’s what it says: “The accused named above, on January 26, 2017, or near that date, threw an object, including a stone, at a moving vehicle with the aim of harming it or the person driving it, namely, on the aforementioned date, on Route 465, or in the nearby vicinity, the accused threw stones at a number of moving vehicles with the intention of harming them or a person traveling in them.” Signed: Army Patrol Officer Sivan Speizer, Military Prosecutor.

Newsletter - March 2017
The Israeli Prison Service ceased providing updated prison statistics in August 2016 in accordance with a longstanding Freedom of Information application.
Social welfare reports for bail applications in the military courts - Supreme Court petition
[March 2017] - On 27 February 2017, the law firm of Gaby Lasky & Partners filed a petition in Israel's Supreme Court seeking an order requiring the production of social welfare reports at every remand hearing involving a child.
The right to a lawyer and admissibility of evidence - case analysis
[March 2017] - Ofer military court rejects statement obtained from a minor who was denied access to a lawyer.