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Testimony - Shuhada Street, Hebron


 Name:  Anonymous
 Rank:  Sergeant
 Unit:  Nachal Brigade
 Location:  Hebron, West Bank
 Date:  2010


An Israeli soldier provides a testimony to Breaking the Silence in which he describes three settler children hitting an old woman.
“The Jewish settlers of Hebron constantly curse the Arabs. An Arab who passes by too closely gets cursed: 'May you burn, die’.”
“On Shuhada Street there's a very short section where Arabs may walk as well, which leads to Tel Rumeida neighbourhood. Once I was sent there and we found three Jewish kids hitting an old Arab woman. Another man from the Jewish settlement happened along and also joined them in yelling at the woman: 'May you die!’ When we got there they were mainly yelling, but there had clearly been blows dealt as well. I think they even threw stones at her.”
“I believe the [policeman] was called but ended up not doing anything. The general atmosphere was that there was no point in summoning the police – the policeman is a local settler from Kiryat Arba who comes to pray with the Hebron settlers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs on Fridays.”