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Testimony - 'I couldn't care less'



 Rank:  First Sergeant
 Unit:  Nahal Brigade
 Location:  Hebron, West Bank
 Date:  2010
 Title:  "I couldn't care less"
A former Israeli soldier provides a testimony to Breaking the Silence in which he describes being indifferent to children soiling themselves in the back of military jeeps.
Interviewer: “Did you happen to arrest children?”
Soldier: “I remember especially adolescents. We once arrested three guys, three or two who were a kind of gang that kept throwing stones at us and they were … just boys.”
Interviewer: “What were the grounds for arrest?”
Soldier: “Either the Shabak wanted to talk to them, or they had thrown stones, or they were suspected of contacts with Hamas …”
Interviewer: “Earlier you spoke of an incident where a kid shat in his pants during his arrest. Would you like to elaborate?”
Soldier: “While we took him out of the jeep I remember hearing him shitting his pants … I also remember some other time when someone pissed in his pants. I just became so indifferent to it, I couldn’t care less. He shat in his pants, I heard him do it, I witnessed his embarrassment. I also smelled it. But I didn’t care.”