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US State Department: Human Rights Report (March 2019)

The report covers violations in 2018 and considers the treatment of children in military detention. The report notes that Israel continues to apply two legal systems in the West Bank and child detainees are forcibly transferred violating the Fourth Geneva Convention. The report cites findings from 400 testimonies confirming the widespread use of blindfolds, ties, abuse and threats, as well as the denial of basic legal rights.

Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC - Report on Preliminary Examination Activities (December 2018)

This report summarises the preliminary examination activities conducted by the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC between 1 December 2017 and 30 November 2018. During the reporting period, the Office has reached an advanced stage of its assessment of statutory criteria for a determination whether there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into the situation in Palestine pursuant to article 53(1).

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Michael Lynk (June 2018)

This report includes a section on the detention of Palestinian children. The Special Rapporteur noted that the issues raised in UNICEF's 2013 report which concluded that ill-treatment is "widespread, systematic and institutionalised" continue to be concerns in 2018, and include: physical and verbal abuse; painful restraints; coerced confessions; a lack of access to lawyers and family members; and the consistent use of night arrests.

MCW Annual Report (June 2018)

This report considers developments relating to the arrest and detention of children by the Israeli military in the West Bank in 2017 and 2018. In addition to reviewing relevant legal and procedural changes the report considers the findings from 114 testimonies obtained from children detained during 2017. The report also considers the forcible transfer and unlawful detention of children outside the West Bank.

UN Secretary-General's Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict (May 2018)

This report highlights global trends on the impact of armed conflict on children in 20 locations, including Israel/Palestine. In 2017 a large number of children continued to be arrested and detained by Israeli forces. The UN obtained affidavits from 162 Palestinian boys (12 -17 years) who had been detained by Israeli forces, in which they stated that they had been subjected to ill- treatment and breaches of due process.

Hamoked - Childhood in Chains (April 2018)

This report reviews the findings from 29 affidavits taken from children arrested by the Israeli military in the West Bank in 2017. The affidavits focus on the children's arrest, the hours between the arrests and their interrogation, and the interrogations themselves. The affidavits portray a grim picture: following their arrest in the middle of the night, the minors are taken, alone, on an exhausting night-time journey.

US State Department - Human Rights report (April 2018)

This report covers human rights during 2017. After referring to UNICEF's 2013 finding that ill-treatment of children in Israeli military detention appears to be "widespread, systematic and institutionalised", the State Department referred to recent reports indicating that this conclusion is still valid. For the first time the State Department has deleted references to "Occupied Territories" in relation to Palestinian territory.

B'Tselem - Minors in Jeopardy (March 2018)

This report reviews the standard practice applied to the arrest of Palestinian children in the West Bank by the Israeli military and considers the impact of changes to the system with the stated purpose of improvement. The report concludes that the changes Israel has made have had no more than a negligible impact on minors' rights and have more to do with appearances that substantive change on the ground.

Breaking the Silence - Why I Broke the Silence (January 2018)

Soldiers, from the Second Intifada up until 2017, share their testimonies in a new booklet: "Why I broke the silence. What all of these soldiers have in common, despite serving at different times, in different units, and across different parts of the Occupied Territories, is the drive to fight against silence. Their shared commitment to expose the violent daily conduct of the occupation.

Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC - Report on Preliminary Examinations Activities (December 2017)

This report summarises the preliminary examination activities conducted by the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC between 1 October 2016 and 30 November 2017. During the reporting period the Office continued its preliminary examinations into the situations in 10 locations including Palestine. According to the Prosecutor "The Office has made significant progress in its assessment of the relevant factual and legal matters."

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