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In Three Years, Israeli Military Courts Have Fined Palestinians $16 million

[Haaretz: 15 January 2019] - The army details how many Palestinians are tried in military court and for what, but does not give the criteria for the scale of its fines or their breakdown

Severe Punishment for Palestinians, but It's Not the Same Stone When Jews Throw It

[Haaretz: 7 January 2019] - A stone thrown by a Palestinian was endowed with magical powers by Israeli lawmakers, but then Jews also joined the ranks of stone-throwers and nobody would even dream of sentencing them to 20 years in prison

Israel Advances Bill to Reduce Prison Overcrowding that Excludes Security Prisoners

[Haaretz: 29 October 2018] - The approved version excludes security prisoners, those who were convicted in military courts in the territories or for security offenses. The bill now goes to the Knesset for its second and third readings.

Trump ambassador blocks scrutiny of Israel

[Politico: 16 June 2018] - Donald Trump's envoy to Jerusalem rejects criticism of Israel's policies and resisted an effort to apply stricter human rights tests to U.S. military aid for the country.

The Return of Lt. Col. Hirsch to a West Bank Military Court

[Haaretz: 24 January 2018] - The former head of the military prosecution in Judea and Samaria was in court last week, handing out leaflets containing his thoughts on detained Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi

Two-thirds of Palestinian Minors Testify to Abuse in Israeli Detention

[Haaretz: 21 December 2017] - The incidence of reported physical violence against child detainees has risen since a 2013 UNICEF report on the matter. About two-thirds of the 70 Palestinian minors who testified about their arrest reported violence.

Israeli Occupation's Brutal Routine: Nightly Raids, Boys Cuffed for Hours and Seized Jewelry

[Haaretz: 2 November 2017] - There's never a dull night in the village of Beit Ummar, where the Israeli army is a regular visitor. It's the last street at the southern edge of the West Bank town of Beit Ummar.

U.S. bill would prevent funding jailing of Palestinian minors

[Times of Israel: 14 November 2017] - With nine co-sponsors, Minnesota Democrat Betty McCollum says bill meant to highlights Israel's 'system of military detention' of children

Most Palestinian minors arrested by Israel claim physical violence during detention

[Haaretz: 2 April 2017] - In 2013, a UNICEF report said Israel was systematically abusing young detainees, new data shows little has changed. The indictment against S.H. is vague and lacks specific details.

In first, Israeli military court throws out Palestinian boy's interrogation

[Haaretz: 28 February 2017] - Judge disqualifies youth's statements in which he denied culpability because police denied him access to attorney. The ruling could have far-reaching ramifications.

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