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Double interrogations continue

[May 2014] - Last year, MCW issued a statement regarding the practice of using double interrogations when investigating Palestinian children in the West Bank as a way of circumventing minimum legal safeguards. Under existing Israeli military law suspects have a number of rights including the right to silence.

The UNICEF Report - one year on

[March 2014] - One year ago UNICEF published the report: Children in Israeli Military Detention. Following a review of over 400 sworn testimonies and after consulting widely, UNICEF's primary conclusion was that ill-treatment appears to be "widespread, systematic and institutionalized throughout the process".

US State Department Annual Global Report 2013

[March 2014] - The US State Department recently published its annual global report on human rights for 2013. As in 2012, the report identifies arbitrary arrest and associated torture and abuse as one of the three most significant human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine.

Translation in the military courts

[March 2014] - On 3 February 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, handed down a decision relating to the duty to translate documents into Arabic in the military courts in the West Bank in which Palestinian civilians are prosecuted.

Extent of night-time military raids in the West Bank

[March 2014] - On 26 February 2014, a briefing was conducted at Ofer military court by Israel's chief military prosecutor in the West Bank. During the briefing data was disclosed indicating that 1,004 Palestinian children from the West Bank were detained by the Israeli military in 2013.

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