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Israel's shackling of children in leg irons can shock even hardened politicians (by Chris Doyle)

[23 December 2013] - Five years ago, a lawyer working in the occupied Palestinian territories approached me regarding Palestinian child detainees. He asked me whether I would bring British members of Parliament to the military courts.

Assessing developments in Israel's juvenile military courts

[December 2013] - The Israeli military has implemented positive developments in its juvenile court system in recent years, and yet, regular allegations of serious abuses persist. A look at what has been done and what still needs to take place.

Data shows worsening situation for children in Israeli military detention

[November 2013] - A UNICEF report indicates a measurable deterioration in the treatment of children held in Israeli military detention in the months since the UN recommended serious changes.

Political solution or not, the bottom line is equal rights for all

[September 2013] - The military law applied to Palestinians must provide rights and protections no less favorable than those afforded to Israeli citizens living in the settlements.

How G4S helps Israel break the Geneva convention (by Lisa Nandy MP)

[30 September 2012] - Since 1967, more than 730,000 Palestinian men, women and children are estimated to have been imprisoned by Israeli military courts. The majority of such prisoners are held in detention facilities inside Israel.

Huffington Post - Imprisoned Palestinian children must be treated justly

[8 August 2012] - “UK ready to take on Israel over fate of children clapped in irons,” read the headline in a leading UK newspaper the morning after the latest report on the treatment of Palestinian children held in military detention was released in London in June. The Foreign Office-funded report – Children in Military Custody – was written by a delegation of UK lawyers that included a former Attorney General …

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