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UK lawyers' report: one year on

[June 2013] - In 2012 a delegation of senior lawyers from the UK published a report reviewing the law and practice applicable to children prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The Foreign Office funded report - Children in Military Custody - found undisputed evidence that the system violated international law in a number of respects.

UN Committee deeply concerned by the treatment of children held in Israeli military detention

[20 June 2013] - Following a review of Israel's combined second, third and fourth periodic reports under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Committee on the Rights of the Child has published its Concluding Observations including recommendations.

New procedure for complaints against ISA interrogators

[11 June 2013] - The Israeli Ministry of Justice has announced that complaints made against Israeli Security Agency interrogators will no longer be conducted by a serving ISA employee. Since 2001, there have been 750 complaints without a single criminal investigation.

US State Department Annual Global Report 2012

[30 April 2013] - In April the US State Department released its annual global report on human rights for 2012. The report includes a section on Israel/Palestine and an examination of the treatment of minors detained by the Israeli military and prosecuted in military courts.

Military Order 1711

[1 April 2013] - Military Order 1711 came into effect on 1 April 2013. The order reduces the time period in which a child must be brought before a military judge following arrest. Children aged 12 and 13 must now be brought before a judge within 24 hours of arrest, and 48 hours for older children.

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