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UK lawyers' report - 9-years on

[15 June 2021] - This month marks 9 years since a delegation of UK lawyers reviewed the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law and published their recommendations. The Foreign Office funded report found undisputed evidence that the system violates the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Geneva IV.

UNICEF Report - 8-years on

[30 May 2021] - In 2013 UNICEF published findings following a review of the treatment of children held in Israeli military detention. UNICEF concluded that the ill-treatment of children in the system was "widespread, systematic and institutionalised" throughout the process. MCW reviews developments.

US State Department: Human Rights Report (March 2021)

[12 April 2021] - The report covers violations in 2020 and considers the treatment of children in military detention. The Report is mandated by Congress and documents human rights conditions in nearly 200 countries and territories. Staff in US embassies around the world compile the information contained in the Report.

ICC Prosecutor opens formal investigation into war crimes in the Palestinian Territories

[3 March 2021] - The International Criminal Court prosecutor confirms that her office will open a formal investigation into war crimes in the Palestinian Territories which will examine both sides in the conflict. The investigation will consider alleged crimes that have taken place since June 2014.

Evidence update: access to lawyers

[24 February 2021] – Under Israeli military law a detainee has the right to consult with a lawyer prior to interrogation. There are exceptions but generally these do not apply to children. A detainee must also be informed of this right prior to questioning. MCW considers respect for this right and recent developments.

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