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About us

MCW was established in 2013 and is guided by two basic principles. First, all children detained by the Israeli military authorities are entitled to all the rights and protections guaranteed under international law. Secondly, that there can be no legal justification for treating Palestinian and Israeli children differently under Israel’s military and civilian legal systems. In pursuit of these principles, MCW monitors, litigates, advocates and educates in the region and beyond.

MCW is a registered non-profit organisation founded by a small group of lawyers and other professionals with a belief in the rule of law. Our concept is to focus on one issue and pursue one set of recommendations. If and when these recommendations are implemented, MCW will dissolve.
MCW is guided in its work by an advisory board and produces audited reports at the end of each financial year.
  1. Sam Bahour
  2. Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC
  3. Danny Friedman QC
  4. Raghad Jaraisy
  5. Gaby Lasky
  6. Nery Ramati
  7. Khaled Sabawi
  8. Diala Shamas
  9. Raja Shehadeh
For all inquiries contact: [email protected]