Detention figures
End of December 2023:

Security Prisoners

Adults: 8,171
Children: 137
Total: 8,308

Percentage held in Israel:

Adults: 74%
Children: 49%

Administrative Detention

Adults: 3,239
Children: 49
Total: 3,288

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Newsletter - August 2022

Detention figures – According to data issued quarterly by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), as of 30 June 2022, there were 4,402 Palestinians (West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza) held as “security prisoners” in detention facilities including 137 children (12-17 years). In the case of children there was a 7% decrease in the number compared with the previous month and an annual decrease of 10% compared with 2021. Five children were held in administrative detention. According to the IPS, 67% of child detainees were transferred to prisons inside Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. More statistics             


Evidence update: Reports of physical abuse of children at all-time high - In 2013, following an extensive review of the treatment of children in Israeli military detention, UNICEF concluded that the: "ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and instutionalized." At the time of UNICEF's review, children reported experiencing some form of physical violence in 60 percent of cases. The most common form of abuse included: slapping, punching, kicking and striking with rifle butts. Almost a decade later, reports of physical violence are at an all-time high, occurring in 73 percent of cases. Read more


Number of prisoners held without trial in Israeli jails hits highest peak since 2008 - Israel is currently holding 723 detainees in prison without trial, the highest number since 2008 and a significant rise from the 671 held at the beginning of August. Eleven of the detainees are Israeli citizens – none of them Jewish – and the rest are Palestinians. Suspects held in administrative detention are incarcerated in Israel without charges filed against them under a system of “preventive detention.” They are not brought before a court, and their lawyers are not provided with the evidence against them apart from a brief summary of the key suspicions. Haaretz


Military Rule: Testimonies of Soldiers from the Civil Administration - This report considers how Israel's Civil Administration (a military body tasked with managing the civilian aspects of ruling the occupied West Bank) uses the granting of permits to Palestinians for such things as travel, work and medical treatment, to collect intelligence. According to the report: "Providing public services is a duty Israel bears as the occupying power, but under the permit regime, the most basic rights and services are provisional, making them a perfect means to control, manage and monitor the population on an ongoing basis." Breaking the Silence


A child's testimony: On 27 July 2022, a 12-year-old minor from Beit Fajjar was arrested by Israeli soldiers from home at 2:00 a.m. He reports being interrogated several times without first being informed of his right to silence. "It was the summer holidays and we were all gathered in the courtyard behind our house chatting and having fun. It was around 2:00 a.m. Suddenly a group of Israeli soldiers came on foot and surrounded the area. We heard loud banging at our front door. My father answered and about 30 soldiers entered our home. A female soldier took my mother and sister into the bathroom and physically searched them. Read more


996 Testimonies                                  Comparative Graph (2013-2022)                                       Videos